What we do

As the market becomes ever more interconnected, organizations need to stay competitive. To do this, it is critical that they operate at the very best at their core business and ensure that external, technological innovations on the market are used to their full potential. This requires a focused, lean operation aligned with the appropriate ecosystem of partners and service providers for optimal performance. Cloud, SaaS platforms, robotics, BPO, offshoring and new shared service concepts offer promising potential. To harvest that potential, organizations must utilize the available best practices and expertise within sourcing, procurement and tender handling.

Sourcing Strategy Design

Today's sourcing possibilities provide a range of options that can enable you minimize costs, improve operational efficiency and speed up innovation. Whether you are looking at cloud, insourcing or outsourcing, you need to have a strategy to capitalize on opportunities. 50 Cups has in depth know-how of the market, opportunities, potential pitfalls and best practices.

IT Outsourcing Support

No matter if it is your data center, hosting, connectivity, mobile infrastructure, work environment, service desk, or application portfolio, 50 Cups has the expertise and market knowledge required to kick-start your outsourcing initiative. We use our best practices and experience to draft and conclude the best possible sourcing agreement which lays the ground for a successful transition.

Business Process Outsourcing

Enterprises depend on business process outsourcing to enable them to concentrate on revenue-generating key activities. 50 Cups assists you determine which functions can possibly be outsourced successfully. We partner with you to design and implement an effective outsourcing strategy that improves your operations, scales down costs and allows you to focus on your core business.

Procurement and tender

50 Cups can support your organization in the entire procurement or tender process from strategy to contract signature, whether your organization is the customer sending out invitation to tender or the supplier bidding on a tender.
Regarding the customer side our services include continuous sparring, requirement analysis, tender writing, handling pre-qualification, tender evaluation etc. Regarding the supplier side our services include ongoing sparring, tender analysis, bid writing, etc