What we do

Data integrity and security are the building blocks of information management in every organizations. Vulnerable compliance files, citizen records, and financial data are all stocked and managed digitally, thereby being naturally predisposed to cyber-attacks. As security threats have gotten ever more evolved, organizations must also be capable to adapt and implement dynamic techniques for coping with cyber security issues. To mitigate the risk of having private information compromised, lots of organizations have developed cyber security procedures to handle both the electronic and personnel aspects of information management.
Our cyber security services take care of the critical elements of cyber security. From strategy, governance, and enterprise risk management to controls architecture, implementation, and operations management, we customize it to your specific business environment and requirements. Our year of experience, industry expertise, and actionable insights will help your organization make informed security decisions to improve your resilience despite of ever-growing cyber threats.

Compliance & Assessment

50 Cups has the experience and expertise to enable organizations to meet industry and government compliance requirements for IT security. Our services encompass IT Risk Assessments, Network Security Testing & Evaluation, Vulnerability Assessments, and Compliance Assessments.

Cyber Security Operations

Our services within cyber security operations include things like policy & operational procedure development, security awareness training, and security management. Our background in cyber security operations has revealed that combining security policy with operational excellence always improves the security position of any enterprise network. Our process driven approach to strengthening security will provide clear and instant benefits to your organization.

Security Architecture

Today's security architecture should mitigate all type of potential disturbances from cyber-attacks to natural disasters. As an aspect of our architecture and engineering service we assist organizations design and implement a cyber security framework adapted to their business requirements and the enterprise ecosystem. Our services include identity & access controls, network engineering, data protection, security monitoring, data privacy, cloud security, and identifying world class security tools.