What we do

Digital transformation is changing the face of businesses and will most certainly continue to do so. The business landscape is emerging as increasingly more interconnected, automated, dynamic and always accessible. The capability to deliver new features faster than ever before, significantly slashing time to production is decisive in distinguishing companies that can evolve from those that are standing still. DevOps is the key to gaining mastery in this capability.

DevOps Awareness Workshop

Our DevOps Awareness workshop introduces your team to the goals, objectives, benefits and pitfalls, achievements and practices involved in a DevOps environment. We also examine the relationship between DevOps and the methodologies that root it such as Agile, Lean, IT Service Management and Continuous Delivery and how it links to the processes and methodologies of your company.

DevOps Performance Assessment

Our DevOps Performance Assessment acts as the background for assessing, benchmarking and developing a progression roadmap. Our experts can show you what to pay attention to and where to invest in order to provide durable improvements in the delivery capability of your IT units.

High Performing DevOps Teams

Applying DevOps conventions is challenging. It primarily involves your people and how to make them to work together in a high performing unit. It is a cultural shift that needs commitment from management, and robust leadership is essential to uncover the potential. Our team can help you to introduce new habits and cultivate the leadership skills required for a winning transformation.

DevOps and Continuous Delivery

Continuous delivery has become a fundamental ingredient in iterative and incremental software delivery. It is an approach where teams make sure that every modification to the system can possibly be released, and that any version can be released automatically and instantly. Our people guide you to move towards growing into a Lean enterprise with unprecedented IT agility.