What we do

The use of cloud computing is increasing at an exponential rate. Virtually all vendors are pushing their solutions and most enterprises now use public, private or hybrid cloud services such as IaaS, PaaS and SaaS in some shape or form. 50 Cups provides independent, vendor-agnostic cloud strategy and implementation advice to help you design transformation to cloud computing that makes sense for your organization. Our consulting services, based on years of best practices, help you determine if and where cloud can help you achieve your business goals. We can also help you reduce risks when navigating the many complexities involved in transforming to a cloud-based environment.

Cloud Strategy Development

A successful transition begins with bringing clarity to your technical requirements and business objectives. Your cloud computing strategy must address business imperatives and opportunities that are valuable to your industry, your business and your customers.

Cloud Readiness Assessment

The consequences of shifting some or all of your IT to the cloud can be substantial and needs to be understood prior to beginning on your course. Our assessment will guide you understand the organizational capabilities required, and identify any process gaps that need to be fixed before you kick off your orientation.

Cloud Roadmap Design

We use the result from your Cloud Readiness Assessment to provide your organization with a distinct, tailored course of action and specially designed roadmap centered around your priorities and concerns. 50 Cups can help you navigate the complexities of migration, while mitigating risk and diminishing down time.

Cloud Security & Cloud Governance

Well-constructed security and governance are crucial for amplifying the value of your implementation. This includes understanding how to set up policy-driven governance concerning your cloud solutions, alongside controlling access to critical cloud-based services. We design a governance approach for you, involving all your organization's people, processes and technology.